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I am Lisa Clarke

What I Do

Offering you a safe space to self explore, through the modalities of yoga, meditation and online courses.
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My Purpose

Encouraging individuals to raise the quality of their consciousness, heal past trauma, and step into the brightest version of themselves.

My Vision

Awaken, heal and positively impact the globe through the art of Self Practice.

"I am passionate about creating safe space for people to feel through their own Self enquiry and healing journey."

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My Mission

Honouring the light within me so you too, can learn to honour the light within you. Allowing this light to guide your healing journey through the modalities of yoga, meditation, Self Podcast + Self enquiry courses.

My Values

Truth & Honesty

"I will always speak, live and honour my truth. I will always honour the truth of another, even if that truth be different to my own."


“I am dedicated in raising the quality of my consciousness. I am passionately dedicated in providing a space for others to find peace and contentment within.”


“I have great compassion for all human beings. I acknowledge that we are spiritual beings experiencing a human existence. I honour my word of treating others in the exact way I wish to be treated."


“I acknowledge my trauma and the trauma of another. I see these traumas as an
opportunity to transform.


I honour my transformation and choose to be unafraid in courageously leaning into discomfort always”.


“I choose to live my life with a curious mindset. I choose to always learn, discover and adventure within myself and how this relates to another.


I have an active interest in being a student of life. I embrace unfamiliar circumstances with a child like adventure."

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