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10 Signs You Are Levelling Up!

Guess what? I know something about you...

You are committed to your growth.

Or at the very least - interested in it, otherwise you would not have clicked 'read' on this blog post.

The truth is, it can be really painful to grow (the saying 'growing pains' applies to emotional growth too!). It takes a lot of courage to lean into growth, although whilst it can be challenging, it is also pretty wonderful.

So let's become aware today of where we started vs where we are now.

Let us take a moment in pause, to be conscious of our growth.


Below I share 10 signs that you are levelling up in this life.

I invite you to keep note (either a physical note or mark it in your mind) to see how many of these you feel yourself experiencing.

1. Your Confidence Temporarily Drops

I like to describe this as a baby learning to walk. Your old self only knows a certain way of being. When you issue positive change, and make it your mission to step into a life you know you are worthy of - it is a new normal for you. Your confidence may drop slightly whilst you navigate these new ways of being. Even though this can feel confusing, it is a very positive sign that something new is taking shape. Have patience, and give yourself time to adjust.

2. You Outgrow Friendships

This is very common, and it is at no-ones fault. I believe it to be very normal to shift and change within friendships. If you have 1-2 friends that stay throughout your entire life, I would say that is rare! It is ok to let people go, to make room for people that are like minded as you move through phases in your life. We all grow in different ways. You may also experience feeling alone and like you don't fit in. Again, normal - I have felt this throughout my life. Sometimes the path is only wide enough for just you. Have faith in knowing you are never truly alone.

3. Your Sensitivity Expands

You may have been able to pop into a crowded shopping centre or attend a music festival and feel great in the past, but now crowds can feel overwhelming. Not just crowds though, any kind of stimulus really; caffeine, sugar, alcohol, strong smells, scary or violent films, news or loud people. When you tap into your higher self you are tapping into a different energy frequency and it can feel challenging to then adjust to the lower energy vibrations that are on offer in abundance around us daily. It may feel like a bit of a curse at first (to feel things so deeply), but the expansion of your sensitivity is (in my opinion) the most beautiful outcome of committing to knowing yourself. It allows you to clearly hear your intuition and make positively informed decisions, it allows you to see the truth of most situations and learn how to better support someone in need.

4. You Slow Down

You may find yourself disinterested in excessive, aggressive or fast ways of living. You may even move homes, communities, or states to find somewhere that feels a little slower and more mindful.

5. You Are Aware Of Your Healing

You are aware of the healing that needs to be done, unafraid of it, and ready to gaze into that mirror in front of you to seek any shadows that need your attention.

6. You Care More About The Environment

When we dive within, it also welcomes the awareness to observe what is outside of us - being our environment and who we share this world with. You may care a-lot more about choosing ethically sourced products, recycling properly, caring for animals and shopping local instead of supporting mass industry production. You may also start really appreciating Mother Nature, planting tree's or getting out in nature expressing gratitude.

7. You Appreciate The Little Things because your mindfulness is expanding.

Your warm bed, food in your pantry, likeminded people, good health, a stranger that smiles and says hello. Your appreciation for these things has you feel as though you don't require anything else. You acknowledge that abundance is all around you, and come to understand that these seemingly 'small' things, are actually a major gift.

8. It Feels Uncomfortable To Be Small

Whether that be small in conversation, in life, around certain people or as it pertains to your souls purpose. Once the tooth paste is out of the tube it is impossible to put back in - you may find yourself avoiding any situations (internally and externally) that don't feel as though they are fuelling the life you are conscious of creating.

9. You Feel A Higher Connection

A beautiful outcome of when we engage in a Self Practice is that we step out of the 'never ending story of ourselves' and gain the perspective that the universe is actually allllllot bigger than just our basic problems (a humbling experience). You may start to sense the different energy worlds that exists outside of this world. You may be interested in learning and connecting with the Angels, your spirit guides and something 'greater' than you.

10. You Care Less

About the drama, about things you know are not serving you well. Instead of engaging in drama and gossip (both internally and externally) you find yourself almost disinterested.


If you feel yourself experiencing 5 or more of these signs - you have, or are currently experiencing an upgrade in consciousness.

And these upgrades can work in phases, always in motion. You may feel as though you have experienced one of the above signs and then in a year or so experience that level up again on the same sign just in a bigger way. This is the outcome of us committing to our Self Practice - consistent expansion. We keep levelling up and upgrading our software, every few years or when a phase or cycle is completed.

It is so important to recognise how we have levelled up. So if you have the time today, I encourage you to fill out the journal prompts below;

1. How have you grown in the past 5 years? What changes do you observe?

2. List the people and environments in your life that are not contributing to your growth. Then ask yourself how you can spend less time with these people or in these environments.

3. What do you offer the world by being here?

(Less about what you do - and more about what energy are you contributing to the world when you be).

Reflect on your answers - and it is always a good idea to take some slow conscious breaths before writing, or perhaps tune into one of the SELF Grounding Meditations (you can find this below).

Have a beautiful day!

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