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5 Self Practices that Neutralise Negative Thought

Updated: Dec 16, 2021

How to change your thought pattern with simple techniques you can implement today.

Let me open with saying - I am a major fan of meditation, but it is not on my list here.

Normally I would say - meditate, it solves everything! But when we are dealing with deep pain, trauma or grief, no-one wants to meditate right?

It’s tough to sit still in company with our dark emotions and negative thoughts.

Meditation will come, but it’s not always the easiest initial solution to getting back into alignment.

After acknowledging dark or negative thoughts - let’s keep it simple, practical, and in reality by asking yourself the question - what is achievable for me right now, that makes me feel a little more comfortable?

Read on to learn 5 of my top practices that neutralise negative thoughts.

1. Acknowledgement.

You are a spiritual being experiencing a human life. Dark feelings are normal, we are alive and here to experience the whole spectrum of feelings. It is important to remember that you are not your thoughts. You are completely separate from them! A great way to discern between your higher self and your lower ego self is by practicing being an observer to your thoughts. The mind is the communication platform for the ego. When you start to observe the mind's chatter, you can begin to recognise that you are not in fact the thing that generates the chatter.

Observe, and acknowledge that you can not be the thing that you are observing, whilst also being the observer.

2. Affirm.

When we use our voice, we have the ability to powerfully create our reality. Perhaps our mind believes otherwise, but in moments of negative self talk try stating an affirmation out loud to shift the frequency. For example, your negative thought might be ‘I have no money to do what I want to do in life’. An affirmation might be ‘I am a magnet for good, and prosperity is my birthright. I receive all the abundance coming my way now’.

3. Seek Out Professional Support.

When I was in my early 20s I remember watching an interview with Kerry Washington, and she said something that has stayed with me ever since: “We go to the dentist to get our teeth cleaned, why wouldn’t we see a therapist to maintain one of the most important organs in our body?” Therapy, counseling or energy healing - however it’s served that feels most comfortable for you, by speaking out our feelings and thoughts, it leaves us sitting in clarity and appreciation for ourselves.

4. Connect With Your Angels.

When we find ourselves in a spiral of negative thoughts, we have the sense that we are alone - but we are not. In moments of chaos, call on the Angel’s strength and ask them to clear + protect your energy field.

5. Call Out Your Gratitude.

I am not about that toxic positivity life - but I will say that when I am in a dark place and I am able to note just three or four things I am super grateful for, it immediately shifts my energy. Especially if I can speak these things out loud.

It’s not about ignoring the negative thought, it's about redirecting it into a place of satisfaction. Remember : you are in charge of what thoughts you place energy behind. Sometimes, all it takes is a conscious course change of perspective.

The number one thing to remember is that you are a powerful being.

The only person that can guide you back into alignment of your right mind, is you!

Be kind to yourself, and always choose your self practice - it will illuminate your way home.

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