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C.A.L.M - A Four Point Plan To Release Overwhelm

It’s been a really big 2 years.

A lot of change in the world, and it has affected us all so greatly.

And still, with everything happening in the world with COVID-19, we still have our individual lives rolling on.

I have found that the most valuable thing that can come out of our mouths the past few months is asking someone ‘how are you’?

I really want to individualise this powerful sentence for a moment.

There is a lot of “telling” in our world right now, asking someone ‘how are you’, so simple, yet respectful and compassionate, holding space for another person to fully show up exactly how they arrive, without judgment.

So if you can, always ask how someone is - and really listen to how they are. There are a lot of people struggling with handling this change, the big energy that is sweeping through - AND simply living.

Of course… this goes for within also.

When was the last time you asked yourself “how are you?”

Every morning, I invite you to check in - see how you are.

If there is anything you need to get off your chest and release, take a moment to acknowledge, journal, connect with your guides, meditate - you know what to do!

Setting the tone for your morning sets the tone for the day. With a powerful morning ritual, you are better equipped with the tools and mindset to get you back into alignment if something pulls you out as you travel throughout your day.

So today, I wanted to share with you a tool I created that has served me well in moments of anxiety, stress and overwhelm. You don’t even need to have an answer as to why you are overwhelmed. Simply take yourself away to a quiet spot, and get C.A.L.M.

Close down your eyes.

Closing down our eyes eliminates the external environment and gives us the ability to connect and check in with our internal environment. It shuts out distractions that can be stimulating to the mind and ego, and allows space to pause, and soften.

Attention to your breath.

Our breath is the most powerful tool we have access to in this life. It is the tool that transports us into the present moment. When you focus on our breath for even 1 minute, you can begin to feel the magic. When we breathe conscious breath, we are gaining access to our highest Self - and in an instant, a warm wash of energy comes across both body and spirit. We feel safe, connected and calm. If you find it hard to focus on your breath, try this mantra: (breathing in) ‘I am aware that I am breathing in’ (breathing out) ‘I am aware that I am breathing out’.

Land in your body.

Meaning, get grounded. When we feel overwhelmed it is because our energy is up off our body, and we feel out of control and out of our physical self. So come on back into your body. Check in with your external self via a full body scan. Starting at the top of your head- relax the face, let the cheeks go. Shoulders drop down and fall heavy. Feel your sitting bones melt down. With your eyes closed down, steady breathing - visualise yourself literally landing in your body. Smell what you are smelling, feel what texture you feel under your fingertips. Get grounded.

Move slowly.

Once moving through the first 3 steps for a few minutes, blink open the eyes, and be mindful of what your next move is. Make it slow and mindful. There is such value in slowing down. It gives us the opportunity to be calm, present and observe so much more.

May this C.A.L.M plan guide you back to your truth and safety whenever you need it.

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