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Creating A Mindful Morning Routine

Updated: Jan 5, 2022

"Committing to a consistent morning practice helps create momentum toward you living a life that will truly bring you joy".

How can we commit to consistency?

Well, my friend I have it right here for you in 2 simple steps:

1. Make the choice to show up for your Self.

2. Create a daily morning practice that honours the version of you that you want to step in to.

Your daily morning practice breeds commitment to knowing, loving and honouring the best version of you.

I PROMISE you, that if you commit to your morning Self practice daily for the rest of the year, at the end of 2022 you will see a brighter, lighter and more peaceful version of you.

Don't know where to start on the daily morning practice? Here are some idea's:

1. Bath In Mother Nature

Get outside, drink in the fresh morning air. Take yourself on a walk/swim/surf - whatever feels good for you!

2. Step Onto Your Mat

Yoga comes in many forms, please don’t be intimated by the countless handstands you see on IG, this is not what yoga is all about! Find your preferred style (Vinyasa/Yin etc) and soak up some time on the mat. Of course there are many physical benefits we achieve from practicing yoga, but my favourite outcome is the mental space the practice offers and it's ability to clear stagnant energy from around the body.

Feel like you don’t have the time for a 60min Yoga practice every morning? Try 5 starting at minutes…. because 1 minute is better than no minutes.

New to Yoga or you prefer a slow + gentle practice?

I would love to welcome you onto the mat with these Beginner Friendly classes -

3. Journal

You can journal to free write your thoughts, feelings and experiences or if that doesn’t feel right for you, you can answer this one simple question every morning:

‘How am I this morning?’

By asking ourselves this question each morning upon rising we have the ability to truly give ourselves what we need.

If you wake up feeling powerful and energetic - how can you honour that? How can you container this energy and ripple it as you travel throughout your day?

If you wake up feeling sad or blah - how can you make yourself feel a little more comfortable today? Perhaps that is being kinder in thought and giving yourself a big permission slip to focus on the small things that bring you joy today.

4. Meditate

Meditation is a powerful way to open your day. It is also a very strong and deep way to connect to your centre. There are many ways you can meditate - I always invite students to close down their eyes, only if they feel comfortable.

You see, closing our eyes can be quite daunting to some - a very normal response when starting to meditate. So option to soften the eye lids and gaze out at something (nature encouraged) is a great way to start.

You can meditate in silence, practice visualisation or even chant. I also enjoy dropping into my meditation and inviting in my Angels and guides to clear and protect my energy field (this is a game changer!).

5. Read

Reading, whether it be a book, magazine or even a newspaper is a wonderful practice to reach for because it encourages the very good habit of starting your day slow and mindfully. Even if it just be a couple of pages, it sparks stimulation throughout the brain in a healthy way, allowing the mind and body to wake up calmly.


Your morning routine may be made up of multiple things on the list above, or just one! (Perhaps you also have something else that comes to mind).

You also might like to mix it up - a great idea for those fellow Geminis out there that enjoy routine shake ups.

The action alone of making the choice to show up for what makes you feel good is major energy that will then ripple out into other corners of life, without you doing any more!

I know it might seem wild, but when you start to show up for yourself in a daily morning practice - other things start to fall into place. Because on a subconscious level you are informing your self that you are important, worthy and someone that is deserving of a life that makes you feel at peace.

Suddenly you care less about drama, you find it easier to set boundaries, and you automatically turn away from toxic environments.

Create your daily morning practice, and watch it change your entire life.

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