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Welcome Note from Lisa

Updated: May 30, 2022

I am not even sure there exists a large enough word to tell you how freaking EXCITED I am to have this space for us to continue our deep dive of Self Practice.

For those that are new here, SELF with Lisa Clarke started 3 years ago as a Podcast. The first season is made up of daily 5-10min episodes designed for you to tune into each morning, get your mind aligned, and set an intention for the day. Every morning we rose in consciousness together, and it was the start of the wonderful global community that exists today. Season 2 (during 2020) and season 3 (during 2021) are made up of 30 episodes across each season. New episodes were published every Monday within those 30 weeks, and contained 20-60min solo, and guest episodes. Interwoven throughout the 3 years the Podcast has existed there are over 20 FREE meditations offered to support you.

It is because of the SELF community that you are here reading this today.

I am so thrilled to expand SELF with Lisa Clarke into a complete digital wellness space, offering you a safe place to self enquiry through the modalities of yoga, meditation and educational online courses.


Something valuable I once learnt from one of my Yoga teachers, Troy Abraham at Power Living:

“Imagine yourself looking into a mirror. When the mind is pure and still, we will have a true reflection of our Self - we call this Self realisation. When the mirror is dirty the reflection will show a distorted version of our Self.”

The truth is, most of us have a dirty mirror, and so what we see back of our Self and of the world - is not the truth.

Self Practice must be continued until our mirrors are clean and we transcend the distorted view of our ego.

Self Practice, in whichever modality you choose, is the consistency of waking up and cleaning your mirror each day so we have the ability to elevate out of our suffering, and into truth.


One thing I have really learnt since the start of the SELF Podcast is that we all have our sights set on reaching the top of the summit - in knowing, loving and healing our Self, but how we reach that summit looks completely different for everyone. How we as individuals learn, may be completely different to our partner, parents or friends.

I am deeply passionate about supporting as many people’s journey to the top of the summit - knowing that it looks different for everyone.

If I could describe my style of teaching - I would say that it is very invitation based. I am not a fan of the word ‘expert’ and I am not looking to ‘master’ anything (both ego led titles, right?).

What drives my passion to teach about Self Practice, are the results I have got from learning about who I am. It has elevated me out of so much suffering, and given me the courage and compassion to live in my truth. To live in this truth, is to truly feel free. I want this for everyone.

So, as we practice together, whether that be through yoga, meditation, courses or the podcast - I will offer you the invitation to self enquire through your own layers.

For sitting with ourselves may be the greatest thing we can do for ourselves and the world we live in. Let us learn to be kind, compassionate and loving of our Self, so that we can in turn be kind, compassionate and loving of another.

We are after all, just walking each other home - Ram Dass

Thank you for being here,


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