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A sincere place.

A place that values belonging, curiosity, self expression, spirituality and a very long Savasana. 

A place you don’t have to have fancy yoga clothes or to be in your extroversion before or after your practice.       


You keep your camera on or off.

You adapt the shapes to suit your body and it's needs.

Classes are designed to compliment the Natural World and the Season we are in. Seasonal Passes as well as Drop In options are available, please see below.

I look forward to practicing with you,


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Single Class Pass  $15.00
Summer Seasonal Pass (x13
 classes)  $155.00





Please email hello@selfwithlisaclarke for booking link


What is a Seasonal Pass?

For the Yogi seeking commitment to a weekly Yoga practice, the seasonal pass gives you access for the entire season (of Summer, Autumn, Winter &/or Spring).

Within a season x13 weekly classes are offered (Thursday's at 6pm).

Classes are designed to reflect the Natural World and celebrating the season we are in.

I am a wheelchair user, is this class for me?

The practice of Yoga, it all its area's is created to meet the person wherever they are at. A yoga asana (postures) practice is no different. Rather, it should be no different. Unfortunately the way Yoga is taught within majority of trainings is not mindful of training the teacher to be aware of all bodies. As it currently stands, it is the teachers responsibility to gain trainings elsewhere so they are able to learn how to offer an inclusive practice. I myself, have undergone such trainings, and look forward to continue expanding on this. 

So, coming back to the question - I would say, that if you are a wheelchair user that has attended yoga classes in the past and you are aware of your body and the variety of shapes available for you - yes! This class is for you. Please let me know when you email to book that you are a wheelchair user so I am aware of offering a practice that supports you. If you are a wheelchair user and have never done yoga before, I would love to offer you an initial 1:1 practice at the same price as a drop in. This class will be a workshop style class to ignite confidence in your weekly practices, should you choose a Seasonal Pass.

I have never done Yoga before, is this class suitable for me?

Absolutely. This practice meets you wherever you are. Your camera can be on, or off. Please let me know if it is your first practice when you email to book your pass or class. 

Do you offer 1:1 Yoga and/or Meditation?

Yes. Please email hello@selfwithlisaclarke to enquire.

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