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A sincere place.

A place that values belonging, curiosity, self expression, diversity, spirituality and a very long Savasana. 

A place that respects you.


A place you don’t have to have fancy yoga clothes or to be in your extroversion before or after your practice.       


You keep your camera on or off. You move as your body feels called to.

You get to know your body a little better.

You continue/start to feel beautiful in your skin, and celebrate that feeling.

You connect with Spirit & higher areas within your own self.                                                       

You remember your true nature. 

You are welcome here, all of you and all parts of you.

- Lisa x

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Single Class Pass  $15.00
Five Class Pack  $65.00



Use the code 'CONCESSION' at check out.

What is a Concession Pass?

Created with broader accessibility in mind, this discount code is for you to use if / when you need. 

If you hold a seniors card, if you are currently studying, if you are unavailable to work, or a creative that is moving through a slower month, a parent living off one income or if you simply need these practices but financially can not afford the full amount - use this code.  

And when/if you are able to pay the full amount, I appreciate that too.

This 20% discounted offering is paying forward from the people that have been there for me in my life.

Thank you for receiving, and rippling!

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