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Hello, and welcome!

My name is Lisa Clarke. I am a passionate coffee drinker, keen traveller, intrigued-by-life-and-people-kind of person, and live on Wurundjeri Land, Naarm (Melbourne). I have been in this body for 34 years. I am also Mother to Violet.  


My values on the mat and in life are;

  • Belonging

  • Curiosity

  • Diversity

  • Self Expression

  • Spirituality


These values are reflected in how I connect with myself, how I offer space for others, and the environments I choose to place myself in.


In my early adult life I spent 6 years travelling across the globe as a professional dancer. Having spent that time being immersed in diverse cultures taught me much about different ways of living, and being inspired by people’s different ways of being here.

Dancing for many years, as well as practicing yoga for over a decade, and now guiding practices for others, has encouraged a very close relationship with my body. I am of the belief that our bodies gift us with so much information, all beautifully unique from those around us. Leaning in and learning from our physical (and non-physical) self is something I really enjoy on and off the mat.


In 2020 I completed my Yoga Teacher Training with Duncan Peak at Power Living Australia.

As a deep thinker who naturally leans into psychology and the spiritual nature of Yoga, I chose to study with Duncan because I particularly enjoyed learning the asana methodology in the comprehensive yet practical way he shares it.


In addition to studying a variety of courses online and in person, I am currently learning Adaptive Yoga with Rodrigo Souza.

Inclusive wellness and striving to encourage all bodies towards feeling peace (no matter their life’s story), is something I feel deeply passionate about.

Creating pathways for all to access support for their striving to feel comfortable in their skin is my purpose. 

I hope to meet you sometime soon,


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