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Sexual Self

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When I look at the entire human Self, I feel like we are made up of 3 main parts;

physical self, mental self, and spiritual self - some of which have areas of cross over, as they together - make up a whole. You!

In my mind, under each of these three parts exist branches.

Spiritual Self may include things like our faith practices, connecting with the unseen world, understanding past lives and the how + why we exist in this life.

Mental Self threads off to explore the inner workings of the mind - it's constant dialogue, the potential container for trauma and lived experiences, the ego's platform of communication.

And under the tree of the Physical Self sits things like movement, nutrition, body care+love and a favourite topic of!

Sexual Health has always interested me. Just like I love to explore the full the spectrum of emotions, I have always been eager to explore the parallel sensations the body offers. Pain, pleasure and everything that lays in-between.

The fact that sex in many cultures is still quite 'taboo' excites me even more.

And so, welcome to Sexual Self!

A destination for exploring the thrilling world of our sexual health. I find it such an untapped area of ourselves - an area of which there is so much to be learned, expressed and so much joy to be experienced.

Let us not miss something in life that offers pleasure, yes?!

As we dive into this branch of wellness you can expect to learn from thought leaders and sexual health experts as well as a beautiful mix of people open to sharing their lived experiences.

Buckle up!

This is going to be full of fun, freedom and exhilaration.

Lisa x

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