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The Best Yoga Pose For Sleep

Take this pose before bed and you are sure to have a deep and blissful sleep.

Today we are spotlighting one of my favourites - Viparita Karani, other wise known as 'Legs up the wall' pose. (I do try not to play favourites with my yoga poses, but some just feel so damn good it's hard not to!)

Let's talk about the benefits:

  • Regulates the nervous system, in turn calming stress & anxiety

  • Brilliant for the lymphatic system, removing toxins & reduce swelling in the legs/feet

  • Releases tension held in the legs, hips and spine

  • Offers gentle stretch in the hamstrings and lower back

  • Help improves digestion and sleep

How to get into position:

Locate a wall (or the top of your bed frame also works if you want a super cosy base), and shimmy your bum in about 15cm away from the wall. Kick your heels up on the wall and lay down on your back. Arms can rest besides you or out in a T shape. Palms face down, to ground your energy. Option to place a bolster or pillow under your hips to elevate your pelvis a little more if that feels right for you. You may feel a cool or numbing sensation in your feet or legs - and this means the posture is doing its job! (I am personally kind of into the sensation, but if it feels weird for you, simply bend the knees for a moment and revisit the pose when you are ready). Stay for as long as feels comfortable - up to 15mins.

Accompany your pose with these comfy extras:

  • Gentle piano music

  • Lavender scented diffuser

  • One of my Before Bed Sleep Meditations! (click below)

Happy sleeping tonight!

I would love to know how you find this posture and how it has positively affected your sleep.

Let's get conversational in my DMs:

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