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Locating Your Life's Purpose

What is the secret to locating your life's purpose? Read on, I may just have the answer for you, and it is a lot more FUN than you think!

Not knowing what your purpose is, or not having even a vague understanding of what your purpose is - can be a debilitating feeling.

It also doesn’t matter your age! If you are in your 50/60s and have the sneaky suspicion that you haven’t lived your life purpose yet - well I just think, how EXCITING, the very best is yet to come.

Point is, age has nothing to do with it - because we all wake up at different points along our journey, and we may actually have more than one purpose at any given stage in our lives. Perhaps we aren't designed to have just the one reason for being here, maybe in your case, there are a handful of reasons!

Purpose comes in many forms:

  • Parental

  • Environmental

  • Evolution Of Human Kind

  • Teaching

  • Creating

  • Adventure Seeking

  • Learning

  • Career

  • Healing

  • Community

The list goes on!

One thing that is important for us to acknowledge is that the society we live in emphasises 'career' as the only purpose we are here for.

Once we release the idea that our only purpose is through our career, is when we start to open ourselves to understanding our true reason for being here. Who knows, when we open ourselves up in this way - our purpose may very well become our career.

So, when it comes to locating that purpose the answer I have for you, is actually pretty simple:

Start observing what you LOVE to do.

What makes you feel good?

What lights you up?

What do you lose time doing for fun?

The truth is that fun = fulfilment.

When we have fun, we feel fulfilled.

I was at a coffee shop the other day, when the barista, making conversation with me, asked what I did for fun?

Little known to him, it really prompted such an investigation within myself.

What do I do for fun?

My truth is: my life is fun.

I am living, breathing my fun - my version of fun is found in my deep exploration of self. To identify trauma, to heal that trauma - to help others identify and heal their trauma, to find the light, to live in JOY! I am living my fun!

Therefore, I am living my purpose.

That's it.

Surprisingly uncomplicated.

There is no way 10 years ago you could have told me this is the kind of work I would be doing - why? Because I lived majority of the time in my ego. I was forcing my way through life deciding what I will make myself do in order to find my purpose and be highly successful.

It wasn’t until I found my consistent morning practice and stepped on the path of self exploration that I allowed myself to let go of the story. The story of what I thought should be doing, of what my ego decided my purpose will be.

I surrendered, and let my purpose find me.

Three pieces of guidance I can offer today when it comes to locating your life purpose are:

Find Your Fun

Be curious in observing what you find fun, as it may present itself in unusual ways! I can guarantee you will create a beautiful life for yourself from following what brings you joy.

Back It Up With Inspired Action

Create a plan of inspired action to bring in more of this fun into your life. You are in full control of what you allow in your life.

Pack Your Patience

Allow the space and time for things to develop. A mantra I lean on often: 'Everything is perfect exactly as it is happening'.

For such a weighted objective we often think obtaining our life's purpose should be challenging - but that is not the case.

Follow your joy and see it bring you home, right to where you need to be.

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